At this point, it can’t be easy. Over the last decade, we’ve become unavoidable. But your heels are dug in. You know what’s best for your animals. You know what’s really best for them, though? RAMP. We mean that literally. RAMP’s unique combination of highly digestible fiber and low starch content change feed consumption patterns and improve rumen health. In turn, that drives higher, more consistent feed and energy intake. In plain English: when you start your cattle on RAMP, they’ll eat more and feel better—all the way through finishing. This leads to an average of 16 pounds of extra HCW and more than $ 20 of extra profits per head. And you gain too. In the form of peace-of-mind. As a complete starter ration, RAMP requires no mixing or batching—which helps reduce labor demands. And you never need to worry about RAMP being there, because it will be. By now these advantages are well- known and proven. Your stalwart resistance to something this effective is no small feat. And in our minds, shouldn’t go unnoticed. Right to the bunk. Ifyou ’ restillnot feedingRAMP , evenweadmire yourresolve .