Count on Y-TEX® insecticide ear tags to knock out flies, ticks and lice. So when it’s time to protect your cattle from flies, ticks and lice, look for the insecticide tags that put a stop to profit-robbing pests: TRI-ZAP™, MAX 40™, XP 820®, OPtimizer®, PYthon® II, and PYthon® II Magnum™from Y-TEX®. Always read and follow label directions. All brands shown are trademarks or registered trademarks of Y-TEX® Corporation. © 2020 Y-TEX® Corporation. Insect pests can wreak havoc on your cattle, from reducing weight gains to carrying costly diseases like pink eye. That’s why it pays to protect your herd with the proven performance of Y-TEX® insecticide ear tags. Y-TEX® tags control a wide range of livestock pests, including horn flies, face flies, stable flies, black flies, Gulf Coast and spinose ear ticks and lice. Where do you think the phrase “dropping like flies” came from?