25 CALF News • April | May 2022 • © 2021 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved. New Holland is a trademark registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. We asked haymakers like you what they want from a windrower. You’ll find the results in our new Speedrower® PLUS Series — designed to provide greater productivity, precision, and performance. These windrowers feature superior drivability with new SensiDrive™ drive-by-wire controls and the industry’s fastest speeds both in-field and on-road. Intuitive, factory-installed Precision Land Management (PLM)™ solutions and our most comfortable ride ever lead to a faster way to mow more hay in a day. Get the “PLUS” you need for your operation with a new Speedrower PLUS. Stop in today or visit to learn more. Scan to see the Speedrower PLUS in action. . . . CATTLE FEEDERS HALL OF FAME Continued from page 23 works to achieve the best performance possible. Industry Leadership Award The advancement of feed truck efficiency has been on Bill Pullen’s mind for decades. After growing up on a small farmer-feeder operation in central Nebraska, he sought to help bridge the gap between beef demand and quality markets. Bill Pullen, co-founder of the Roto-Mix system, receives the CFHOF Industry Leadership Award. He was presented the award by Tom Feller. He operates Bill’s Volume Sales and co-founded the development of the Roto-Mix feeding system in 1984. The booming automatic feeding business eventually expanded to 120 dealers supporting feed operation in nearly every state and in 35 international markets. For his leadership role in improving the beef industry, Pullen was presented the CFHOF Industry Leadership Award. To highlight Pullen’s accomplishments, Blach said, “From delivering feed trucks to the islands of Sumatra, or feeding over 120,000 annually for Caren Beef in South Africa, Bill is a proven dynamic leader.” 2023 Nominees Nominees for the 2023 CFHOF are the late Dallas Horton, well-known cattle feeder and veterinarian in Colorado; Robert Rebholtz, Jr., president and CEO of Agri Beef Co.; Jerry Adams of Adams Land & Cattle in Broken Bow, Neb.; Jerry Bohn, cattle feeder from Pratt, Kan., and 2021 NCBA president; and Ed Barrett, who started BarrettCrofoot feedyards in Hereford, Texas. Industry Leadership nominees are Dee Likes, former Kansas Livestock Association CEO; Dr. Delbert Mills, feedlot veterinarian in Greeley, Colo., and early leader behind Beef Quality Assurance; and Temple Grandin, Ph.D., innovative designer of livestock handling facilities and animal science professor at Colorado State University. Blach, himself a CFHOF Industry Leadership Award winner, echoed the traits of industry leaders, as well as feedyard operators and their workforce.“There are no shortcuts. You have to do the work and show up every day. That’s the one common dominator that we have with all of these recipients, not only tonight, but all the folks we’ve honored the past 13 years. They all deserve our appreciation.”  To vote for the 2023 CFHOF nominees and learn more about the CFHOF, visit ril | . lf . t