35 CALF News • August | September 2020 • The company has employed genera- tions of families and employees who have worked an entire lifetime with his operations. Scholarship programs are available to children of employees. “We have employees who were involved in the company before I was,” Cluck says.“We respect them and con- sider our team as the best in the cattle feeding business.” Service to the industry Throughout his career, Cluck has known the importance of giving back to the beef industry. He was a member of the TCFA Board of Directors for 11 years, including six years on the executive committee and as chairman in 2009. He served on the TCFA Budget and Audit Committee and was both a trustee and 2010 chairman of BEEF-PAC, the TCFA political action committee. In addition, Cluck served on the Texas Water Development Board in 2008. Ross Wilson, TCFA President and CEO, has seen Cluck’s dedication to the industry.“Monte holds a heartfelt appre- ciation and respect for the traditions, wisdom, values and integrity that come from being involved in this industry,” he HEROES AMONG US: CLUCK Continued from page 32 provides huge savings in shipping costs, and cattle are less stressed. “We also grow wheatlage and corn silage that provide from 50 to 75 percent of our silage needs at the feedyards.” The company also operates Jacoby Cattle Co., in Cuero, Texas, an order- buying business, to help handle cattle bought in South Texas, as well as provide hauling services for others. This company includes semi-trucks and cattle trailers that transport cattle to feedyards and provide custom hauls for others. Cluck and his partners also created Tadmor Trading, a commodity broker- age company in Dallas, to help coordi- nate risk management services for feed and livestock marketing. The combined companies employ more than 100 people and have annual sales of $160 million. One thing that is high on Cluck’s list is the fact that Dean Cluck Feedyard is an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), in which employees, after meeting employment requirements, are owners in the com- pany and share in the profits. Continued on page 43  RANCHING HERITAGE ASSOCIATION PRESERVES WESTERN TRADITIONS Ranchers and historians chartered the Ranching Heritage Association (RHA) in 1969. They recognized the need to preserve ranching history and tradition. Its stated purpose was to “preserve the physical, social and cultural aspects of ranching and to perpetuate the traditions, intrinsic values and history of one of our nation’s most important industries.” Among the awards RHA established was the National Golden Spur Award. Monte Cluck is the 42nd recipient. This list of previous Golden Spur winners is one to behold: 2005: John L. “Chip” Merrill 2004: Donald Butler 2003: Rebecca Tyler Lockhart 2002: James L. Powell 2001: Anne W. Marion 2000: John W. Lacey 1999: R.A. “Rob” Brown 1998: Robert D. Josserand 1997: Gov. Dolph Briscoe Jr. 1996: William J. “Dub” Waldrip 1995: A.L. Black 1994: Kenneth Monfort 1993: John S. Cargile 1992: Linda Mitchell Davis says.“He takes pride in keeping many time-honored traditions alive while never losing sight of the future and opportunities that innovation provides to improve a mature industry.” TCFA, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and other trade organizations are important for cattle producers and feeders, Cluck says.“I’m prejudiced, but I believe TCFA is the best beef organization in the country. NCBA and other beef groups also do a good job. Overall, the large majority of the nation’s livestock organizations have the industry’s best interests in mind. We all want what is best for beef.” During the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, the beef industry was key in acknowledging the need for federal financial assistance to producers and feeders economically damaged by forced closers of restaurants and other food service outlets. “Actions by Congress in forming legislation to assist agriculture and other industries showed the divisiveness of senators and representatives,” he says.“It was a travesty, especially when House democrats were not in Washington much of the summer to advance further As an ESOP company, Dean Cluck Cattle Co., is blessed with employees who take pride in their part ownership and dedication to efficiency. 2019: Bob McCan 2018: Red Steagall 2017: Dr. Glenn Blodgett 2016: Dave Edmiston 2015: Dave True 2014: James Herring 2013: Jon Means 2012: Buster Welch 2011: Nolan Ryan 2010: Bill Tullos 2009: Jack Maddux 2008: Bob Moorhouse 2007: Jay O’Brien 2006: Helen Kleberg Groves 1991: Clarence Scharbauer Jr. 1990: Jo Ann Smith 1989: Hilmar G. Moore 1988: O..J. “Jim” Barron Jr. 1987: Walter L. Pfluger 1986: W.D. “Bill” Farr 1985: Marie Tyler 1984: Foy Proctor 1983: John B. Armstrong 1982: J. Ernest Browning 1981: Watt Reynolds Matthews 1980: Fred H. Dressler 1979: Jay Littleton Taylor 1978: Albert K. Mitchell