17 CALF News • February | March 2022 • THERE ARE TWO THINGS YOU CAN COUNT ON. PINKEYE FOOT ROT Observe label directions and withdrawal times. Not for use in lactating dairy animals. Adverse reactions, including injection site swelling, restlessness, ataxia, trembling, respiratory abnormalities (labored breathing), collapse and possibly death have been reported. See product labeling for full product information. The Norbrook logos and Noromycin are registered trademarks of Norbrook Laboratories Limited. MAKE THAT THREE. Pinkeye and foot rot seem like an inevitable result of raising cattle. So is the time-tested proven performance of economical Noromycin® 300 LA (oxytetracycline 300 mg/mL). The industry’s only broadspectrum 300 mg oxytetracycline. It delivers the same dose as many 200 mg options, but in a lower-volume dose. Noromycin® 300 LA is available from your animal health supplier - without a prescription. COUNT ON NOROMYCIN® 300 LA. Stop by your animal health supplier or contact your distributor. NORBROOK.COM 1021-143-I08A