33 CALF News • February | March 2022 • Gatherings Hoffman Bull Sale Bull buyers gather Nov. 15, 2021, to inspect the stock at the Hoffman Ranch north of Thedford, Neb. A select group of 140 Angus, Hereford and Simangus bulls geared for the commercial cattleman ran through the Hoffman sale facility. This first-ever fall bull offering will become an annual event. Photo by Patti Wilson  Learn More & Stay in Touch veterinary school and animal science students. The organization provides career opportunities, engaging students and providing an opportunity for them to compete at national contests dealing with a large range of welfare-related topics. Woiwode explained the club tells the story of agriculture to incoming, non-ag students, many of whom are animal activists. Peers become more important than the teachers when polarleft students are mingled with farm-raised kids. In addition, it prepares our young livestock producers to navigate discussion with activists and deal with inevitable societal issues. U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) Director Larry Kuehn related the importance of students taking internships at MARC during these times of short labor supply. The unit is currently working on sustainable beef production systems. Marketing and Commerce Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson explained the antitrust investigation dealing with big packers. He explained the process is a deliberate, two-year project being handled mostly by states rather than people on the federal level. It is “slow and ongoing.” Peterson explained he cannot talk about the investigation while it is in progress, but said packers now seemed to have a “heightened awareness” of the problems and are “sometimes better in their habits.” Prior to the NC Annual Business Meeting, NC Vice President of Marketing Jeff Stolle gave a thorough explanation of 2021 events and an optimistic market outlook for the upcoming year. Natural Resources and Environment Dave Meisbach of the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) offered an update on nitrogen tracking in the Ogallala Aquifer. It is naturally more concentrated in farming areas where nitrogen is applied to crops, and exacerbated by sandy soils and timing of fertilizer application. He encouraged everyone to test their well water and always submit results to the Nebraska DEQ to help them track and understand the movement and concentration of nitrates in Nebraska groundwater. Awards and Officers The 2022 NC leadership is President Brenda Masek, President-Elect Steve Hanson, Vice President Jerry Kuenning and Past President Bill Rhea III. The NC Foundation Beef Industry Endowment went to Matt Spangler, UNL. The NC Range Management and Conservation Endowment was awarded to Karla Wilke, UNL. Each was worth $5,000. The NC Friend of Foundation Award was accepted by recipients Brenda and Dave Bruntz. The Industry Service Award was given to Sen. Deb Fischer, and the Nebraska Cattlemen Hall of fame winner was Craig Uden. Although the number of people attending the NC Convention was down about 100 from two years ago, all who attended had a great opportunity to learn, catch up and celebrate some well-earned togetherness. It may have not been the biggest, but it might have been the best. 