By Chris McClure, Contributing Editor


Safe behind my castle walls I sit with my own thoughts

Of how to keep the demons out that threaten what is mine.

I quietly watch the world pass by while seated on my throne

While in these dusty halls I wait content that all is fine.


All about me lays a siege with enemies galore

Flinging stones and fiery brands to break upon my wall

But I, content, know it will pass though I might stand alone

While the kingdom crumbles to the ground and naught is left to fall.


Secure and safe I bide my time though others plead my case

Fighting off the raging throng berserk to win the field

And tear the kingdom to the ground only to build anew

Something I won’t recognize though I should never yield.


And I will sit content to die upon this moldering store

That I would leave to those who come within the footsteps of my blood

Only to find its value gone; wasted on the wind of change

That swept the pathways clear behind the surging flood.


Security, that bane of change that must be part of life

Building new that which decays and falls upon the ground

While others strive to take the day against the thronging hoards

Those who fail to meet the need lie dying all around.


The enemy has changed his face until it is unknown

Where he shall appear and strike his mighty blow

And those complacent in the past pass on their merry way

Until stricken by the unseen foe, the wolf they did not know.


The insecure shall win the day for they remain alert

Against the evil lurking in the shadows waiting chance to strike

A mortal wound that ends the reign of common sense upon the earth

Replaced with fear and terror of which we’ve never seen the like.