On the Edge of Common Sense

Looking Back on Baxter Black

AS MOST OF YOU KNOW, our friend Baxter Black hasn’t been feel- ing well recently, so we went on a search in the CALF News

The Dreaded Blue Box

By Baxter Black, Contributing Editor I had just finished loading 184 7-foot steel t-posts – old ones by the way – in my pickup and

David and Goliath of Television

By Baxter Black, Contributing Editor “The farmer has always been a peasant.” – Richard Blinco, Idaho When the market crashed in 1975, Richard had a

Common Sense

Do It Yourself Kit

By Baxter Black, Contributing Editor This notice was found on the side of a first-calf heifer at the sale barn: CALF KIT INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSEMBLY

Political Correctness

By Baxter Black It’s coming! Political correctness in the animal kingdom! I have conferred with those fervent homogenizers of the once-colorful and descriptive English language