Calf’s Featured Lady- Stacy McClintock

By Patti Wilson Contributing Editor

There are few who have dedicated more time to the service of the beef industry than Stacy McClintock of Seneca, Kan.

She says her life was influenced early by one of the harsh realities of farming; the agricultural recession of the 1980s took a severe toll on her family’s operation. Instead of incurring college debt, the then-high school graduate went straight to work at a local bank and has been in the banking business for 31 years.

Currently, her job entails cash management, acting as a business support person and helping folks with any questions, declaring “In a small town, with small banks, one must be a jack of all trades.”

The profession suited her well in terms of another interest, beef promotion. Being raised in farming and acquiring financial skills through her job has enabled McClintock to serve on the Kansas Beef Council for 12 years. She has been on the Federation of State Beef Councils for six years running and relates that she also enjoys looking after her cow-calf operation.

Outside of banking and beef, McClintock says she grew up showing horses and has fond memories of helping her friends show dairy cattle in 4-H. She enjoys spending time at team roping events, saying the social contact is irreplaceable.

She has one daughter, Chase, who is a dietician in Kansas City. McClintock is proud that she’s able to navigate through the occasional negative mindset that some medical professionals have about beef and set them straight.

McClintock is now living on the farm where she grew up. It is fun and satisfying for her to fix and improve the place. “You need to be open to change,” she says.

“We are part of the 2 percent,” she asserts. “Since we are only that, we need to stick together. Big or small, we all work very hard. We need to remember that better things will come in the future.”