Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame Banquet

By Betty Jo Gigot Publisher

There wasn’t any doubt about where the “really exceptional beef” was during the recent trip to Orlando, Fla., for the Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show. Creekstone Farms provided mind-blowing bone-in ribeyes to the sold-out crowd dining at the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame Banquet that Thursday night.

It would’ve been fun to see the faces of hotel staff when they opened the Creekstone boxes to find those giant ribeyes. Then they had to figure out how to cook more than 500 of those hummers to medium rare and serve them in just a few minutes. They not only did it, they did it with class to the appreciative crowd. And you know they had to appreciate the odor wafting around their kitchen while those steaks were cooking.

The only problem for any of us was that we wanted to take the leftovers home to have steak sandwiches for lunch the next few days. Much appreciation to the folks at Creekstone. Well done.