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Canadian Beef Is Better… Yeah Right It’s All in the Marketing

By Will Verboven, Contributing Editor.
I’m sure each one of those quality claims is disputed by competitors and, with beef, there are plenty of claims by a bewildering collection of marketers. Canadian beef merchandisers have been at the retail brand promotion game for a long time, but it has a checkered history, fraught with politics and some reluctance – which is probably the Canadian way. 

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Blue Grass Stockyards

Blue Grass Stockyards – More than a Market

By Patti Wilson, Contributing Editor
Jan. 30, 2016 is a date that few folks in Lexington, Ky., are likely to forget. Construction workers accidently started a fire at the downtown Blue Grass Stockyards. High winds fanned flames 30-70 feet high, consuming the seven-acre facility, crossing the street and destroying other businesses.

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Marketing: Beating the Odds

By Blaine Davis, Contributing Editor After finishing a second cocktail made from my favorite new libation, Boot Hill Distillery’s “Red Eye Whiskey,” I made a

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Beef Near You

By Chris McClure We are surrounded by marketing. The technology that makes our lives easier adds layer upon layer of complexity that’s limited only by

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