Day: December 1, 2017

Grass to Plate the Canadian Way

<strong>By Will Verboven, Contributing Editor</strong> Close to 60 percent of Canada’s beef production comes from our prairie provinces, with over 40 percent concentrated in Alberta.

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Political Correctness

By Baxter Black It’s coming! Political correctness in the animal kingdom! I have conferred with those fervent homogenizers of the once-colorful and descriptive English language

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Chuteside Manner

The Antibiotic Dilemma

By Patti Wilson, Contributing Editor Society has been bombarded in recent years with information and speculation regarding antibiotics and bacterial resistance. Regardless of one’s occupation,

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Beyond the Ranch Gate

Delicious, Yummi and Umami

By Blaine Davis, Contributing Editor Figuratively, I am closing the “ranch gate” on another year. The days are becoming shorter, with the reversal of daylight

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Best-Laid Plans

By Chris McClure The best-laid plans never seem to turn out as intended. In time, gates sag a little, trees grow up in the fence

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